Thursday, October 27, 2005

For shame, for shame.....

I was riding my bicycle to work this morning, when I came to the corner of Bedford and East Washington. At this corner, was two police cars and a fire truck. We were waiting at the green light while an ambulance pulled up. It seems that a car had hit a moped, causing damage, but no injury.

While I waited patiently, a bike passed me and pulled out to the corner, potentially interfering with the ambulance pulling in. The light in our direction turned red as we waited for the ambulance, so I contented myself with rubber-necking at the accident site.

Not content to wait, the other biker waited for the traffic to clear, and ran the red light. The intersection was currently filled with: 2 police cars, three cops, a fire truck, and and ambulance, because someone had just been hit by a car.

Does this seem ridiculous to anybody else? Is it just me or should common sense to:

  1. Not run red lights
  2. Especially when there are police present
  3. Especially especially when the police are present because someone else was recently hit by a car?
Besides, I thought the City of Madison and University of Wisconsin-Madison were moving to more strictly enforce Bicycle and Moped road laws?

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