Friday, October 21, 2005

Curtis Poe: Top Ten Gripes for the Day:

Here's my list of 'Top Ten Gripes for the Day'. Some of these apply to me.

  1. It's OK to use an object as a glorified struct if all you care about is the data domain.
  2. Stop talking about 'strong and weak' typing. Most programmers (including me) don't know what those mean anyway. Talk about 'typing the variable' versus 'typing the data'.
  3. If you use words like 'always' and 'never', you're probably wrong.
  4. Don't casually dismiss languages and paradigms you haven't programmed in.
  5. Don't create a specification 'variant' if you can't correctly explain why the specification doesn't suit your needs.
  6. Don't say 'that's not OO'. There are too many conflicting viewpoints of what OO is for you to have the hubris of saying all others are wrong.
  7. Java is not as bad as non-Java programmers make it out to be.
  8. Same goes for Perl.
  9. Don't tell me why you're violating third normal form if you can't explain what third normal form is. (This is a special case of #5 because it really scrapes the frosting off my Pop-Tart).
  10. Maybe you think they're stupid, but people have reasons for their opinions.

Add your own!

(Via Planet Perl.)

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