Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday 8:00 Buzz - 5/27/2008

This continues my effort to chronicle the guests and topics covered on the Stan Woodard's Tuesday 8:00 Buzz on WORT-FM. Our Podcast is online in the WORT Archives.

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Today's Show - May 27, 2008

First Guest: Nancy Goldstein Author of Jackie Ormes - The First African American Woman Cartoonist (Non Fiction). A University of Michigan Press book.

Second Guest: Jeanne Erickson talking about Club TNT's upcoming Anna Mae Mitchell Senior Idol competition.

Third Guest: Elizabeth Berg Author of The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted: And Other Small Acts of Liberation (Non Fiction). A Random House book.

Musical Breaks: Take the "A" Train and Things Ain't What They Used To Be from Satin Doll by Duke Ellington .

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