Monday, March 24, 2008

Smokin' With Superman at The Annex

It was an awesome show, sorry if you missed it. In any case, I've posted my photos on my website.

Smokin with Superman

If you haven't heard of Smokin', you should have. As Donald Duck Dunn said in The Blues Brothers, they are a band powerful enough to turn goat piss into gasoline. It's impossible to describe their sound. Part hip-hop, jazz, ska, reggae, lots of funk. You have to listen to it. Easily my favorite band since the heyday of Natty Nation back before J-Max died.

Smokin's website ( has been stolen by domain pirates (so I'm not linking here). Brett Farrey has a list of ways to find them in his blog. There's always their MySpace site or you can buy their excellent CD Full Price on CD Baby.

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