Monday, February 18, 2008

Honeymoon Destinations...

So, I'm getting married soon (May 25th, 2008), and I'm trying to work out where to go for the honeymoon. I want somewhere green, somewhere nice to the locals, somewhere not a sterile American environment. But, most of all, somewhere with drinks, a beach, and clear blue waters (presumably, for me, on the Caribbean.) Given the nature of the trip, I would prefer somewhere all inclusive so that if we don't want to care about anything, we don't have to.

I think I've narrowed it down to a few choices:

They're all expensive, but...

Hamanasi will cost over $1,800 to get to and take a number of hops — at least two hops to Belize City, and a hop on Maya Island Air or Tropic Air to Dangriga Airport. But, has excellent adventures: Mayan ruins, barrier reef snorkeling and diving, nature preserve, kayaking, canoeing, the whole shebang. They are also heavily invested in ECO Tourism. Their honeymoon package includes all meals, but not drinks from the bar.

Tiamo is a much easier trip (comparably, at least), catch a flight to Fort Lauderdale, and a $400 hop on Lynx Air to Congo Town on South Andros Island — still around $1,200 in airfare. They are completely isolated: no computers, cell phones, TVs. Their power is entirely solar, and they thoroughly recycle waste and water. They are largely non-motorized watersports oriented, with kayaks, sailboats, snorkeling and scuba (along the barrier reef and blue holes). Like Hamanasi, their honeymoon package includes all meals, but not drinks from the bar.

Manchebo Resort and Spa is kind of the odd duck, not nearly as out there as the other two — but they are a Green Globe Certified resort and a CAST member. The airfare is much cheaper (only about $800 total), and it is a direct flight from several US airports. They have all of the usual water activities, although the snorkeling probably isn't as good. Their All Inclusive Honeymoon does include everything, including drinks.

I'm still undecided. I need more information, maybe I need more options. Manchebo seems nice, but mainstream, but easiest. Hamanasi has Mayan ruins and other adventures that don't exist elsewhere, but getting there will likely be a 19-hour multi-hop adventure. Tiamo is less of a flight adventure, has wonderful snorkeling and water, but (maybe this is a positive?) doesn't have any modern toys.

Anybody (is there anybody other than me reading?) have a suggestion?

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Edgar said...

Good day,
I just happened to receive your comments on your honeymoon planning through Google Alert. My name is Edgar Roelofs and I am the General Manager of the Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa.
It looks like you are looking for something really peaceful for your vacation. Our resort is the smallest on the island with 71 rooms and just two stories located on Aruba's widest beach. Probably the most intimate resort setting on the island but probably not as quite as the other islands you describe. Nevertheless we have lots of honeymooners here and people like you looking for a peaceful environment. You will love our spa facility set in a Balinese-Caribbean setting and a true place to rejuvenate. Let me know if you have any questions in particular and I would be happy to assist. Warm regards, Edgar /