Monday, January 28, 2008

Of Fiber and Backhoes

One of our major connections to the world (BoreasNet) was cut this afternoon by workers on the Illinois Tollway.. I'm just reminded of a few backhoe and fiber jokes:

From my friend Terry Bradshaw (no, not that one -- this one operates our data center) liked to note (in my aweful paraphrasing):
Fiber optic needs to just start hanging around with the backhoe's natural enemy: the natural gas line. We'll either have a lot fewer fiber cuts, or a lot fewer backhoe operators.
Collected somewhere, long ago:

A tip for all who go to sea in ships:

Always carry a length of fiber-optic cable in your pocket. Should you be shipwrecked and find yourself stranded on a desert island, bury the cable in the sand. A few hours later, a guy driving a backhoe will be along to dig it up. Ask him to rescue you.

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