Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Dark Day

It's a dark day in the state of Wisconsin.

My Wisconsin State Journal blares VOTERS: BAN GAY MARRIAGE on it's front page. It's a dark day indeed.

Never before has our state constitution been used to limit the rights of the people of the State of Wisconsin.

I take solice that I believe in the long-run, the right thing will be done, but now it seems very dark. But it was dark for the Civil Rights Movement when Martin Luther King was assassinated, and they won in the long-run. It was dark in the movement for Women's Suffrage before they finally succeeded.

To me, though, this is why we don't have a Direct Democracy -- the American public votes in too small numbers, and are too easily misled by false prophets. (or, is it really profits?)

Democrats may have won many important races, but where it really counts, we've proven that we don't really care, and aren't paying attention.

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