Friday, December 09, 2005

Planet Perl: Leon Brocard: Open source zealots: ...

Planet Perl: Leon Brocard: Open source zealots:

This is something I've seen on other projects, but never experienced myself before until now: open source zealots. These are people who will complain for months that if project Y were open source, then they would hack on it and improve it. To get them to stop whining, you open source the project and of course all the people who said they would contribute code do not. A month a whining and no code! As pointed out in the meeting yesterday, it's not a total loss: at least they've stopped whining ;-)

The fog effect in RealLife looks particularly good today - almost as good as in the latest Harry Potter film. Here's hoping that no dragons come swooping out of this fog...

ObPerl: Image::Imlib2 doesn't support blending two images together, so I had to use Image::Magick yesterday, erk!

(Via Planet Perl.)

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